a laker disaster in the making

it’s been awhile since i’ve posted…last time in fact was during the first half of a lakers-celtics christmas day game that the lakers ended up winning… much to my surprise given their wimpy play in the first half.

watching the denver-l.a. game tonight, i was moved, by nausea, to write again.

you gotta understand, i’m a laker fan for life.  my mom used to shout at the tv during those early seventies lakers playoff battles (goodrich was her favorite…jim mcmillan was mine) when i was just a tyke.  i suffered through the kermit washington and elmore smith years.  i got the thrill of showtime, and suffered through the doldrums that were the nineties.  i assume i don’t need to recount the shaq years or what has happened since.

the lakers have never been an overly physical team, despite what rudy t.’s jaw might have to say about it.

but this…this is ridiculous.  watching lakers actively avoid nuggets as they fly to rim makes my stomach turn.  i should have know it was gonna be painful on something like the second play of the game, when denver fumbled a rebound and it nearly went out of bounds, then was rescued and…there was no laker to be seen…no one even trying.  then comes about ten minutes of bad offense, lousy passes, brick shots, and most importantly, very little resembling a laker pulse, other than kobe’s…

i suppose the lakers may switch it on at some point, but i gotta say, it ain’t no fun watching a team that’s not willing or, possibly, able to work hard all game every game…i mean, it’s one thing to have occasional lapses of energy, but what the lakers have is constant lack of energy, with occasional lapses during which they show some effort.



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