garnett deserves the mvp (from a lakers fan)

i was going to write something on why (despite the fact that i’m a die-hard lakers fan and lizard-hater) if i had a vote for mvp i’d have to give it to garnett…but then bill simmons wrote it for me…

so…here’s a link to his column…though i may quibble with his putting kobe 3rd and cp3 2nd, i understand his logic, and appreciate it…kobe deserves an mvp, but this year has to be garnett’s, because he transformed a franchise…cp3 too…kobe was *involved* in the revival in l.a., and it couldn’t have happened without him, and he’s a stud, and he’s matured and i don’t think it’s just an act, and i hope we win the championship, and if we do he’ll be the key guy…but…well…read simmons…he nails it…

p.s. in case you missed it, here in la-la the celts are referred to as lizards


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