where have we seen this before?

one of the things that’s struck me since shaq was traded from the miami heat to the phoenix suns was the absence, in all the sports show chatter i’ve heard to date, of the obvious analogy to the last time he was traded…namely, he goes to a team made up of old, experienced but hungry guys dying for a ring, surrounding one young stud (wade in miami, stoudamire in phx). now, yeah, it’s a little different…among the older heat, there was no one who you could really compare to nash, from a talent and production standpoint, but still…don’t the similarities strike you? and taking it a step further, wasn’t that also the situation he got traded from in l.a. (see: payton, malone and young stud kobe)? so, this naturally begs the question: whatever the rest of this year brings, does this signal a couple of years of exhaustion, injuries, and struggles for phoenix in the immediate future, the way it has for l.a. and miami? well, that certainly is a question everyone’s asking…we’ll see…

personally, i can’t wait to see phoenix/l.a. (with bynum) in the playoffs…should be fun…


2 responses to “where have we seen this before?

  1. You forgot about shaq’s diminishing basketball ability as he ages, he is less than half the player he was when he was traded to the heat. I can foresee shaq and hill struggle to be fit for playoff

  2. Yes, Shaq’s older, too. Also, remember who surrounded Shaq when he arrived in LA, not when Malone and Payton arrived.

    Still, I’m looking forward to watching Shaq’s time in PHX. How will that team change? And, it does take many games for a team to work their way into a new groove.

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