Monthly Archives: January 2009

Clippers future?

have to admit that i’m a lakers fan…no two ways about it.  but i’ve been enjoying the clips of late too.

yeah, i know they have a terrible record.  and of course you can never forget they are injury-cursed, so no matter how much talent they have, you can’t count on them having it for a full season.  i still shudder when i think about what happened to shaun livingston’s knee.

then there’s the matter of the organization…they can take a roster full of great ingredients and turn it into a mediocre dish.

but…they sure as hell have an interesting mix of ingredients.  obviously, eric gordon looks like a stud.  ditto al thornton.  deandre jordon is definitely interesting.  i can’t help thinking how the lakers could use a guy with that kind of physicality.  and this kid novak can shoot the lights out…imagine what he could do for a good team.  he’d be a perfect fit on a phil jackson team, or a stan van gundy team, or a don nelson team (though to be honest, i haven’t been able to get a sense of his defensive abilities).

add to that mix of young players baron davis, marcus camby, chris kaman, zach randolph and a lottery pick and you have to think that a different organization with a different coach could really ride that group far…though of course the middle’s too clogged…trade a couple of those bigs for a great 2 or 3  (no disrespect intended mardy) and you’re set.